Rogue Flash Bender for Wedding Photography

Trying out the rogue flash bender diffusion panel. it really does make a big difference to the quality of light being projected on to a face , the standard large flash bender is brilliant to use and i love using mine all the time at weddings , it can be slightly unwieldy when using it with a smaller flash such as a Nikon Sb-700 as it tends to be top heavy and causes the flash head to pull down but with my Sb-910 its just about perfect. The diffusion panel does exactly what it says on the tin , it diffuses  the light to make it a softer light and it takes a minute to snap into place on the front of the Rogue flash bender itself. At weddings were there is no time to set up off camera flash set ups because everything is moving to fast this is perfect and although by all means not as soft as using a brolly off camera it still gives excellent results on camera.