Being a wedding photographer is like a fine wine. It takes time to mature. Gain an exclusive taste and develop over time. The general public attitude is “all you have to do is press a button”. I wish it was that easy otherwise every joe blog out there would be a wedding photographer, in fact, some are (watch the recent judge Rinder episode about the so-called wedding photographer from Kent). Or the “nice camera it must take good photographs“, which I read somewhere a photographer answered with “nice meal you must have an excellent stove”

My business model is based upon value for money. I want you the couple who are thinking of booking me for your wedding to have the best wedding images that my experience can bring to your wedding. The images in my galleries speak for themselves. I can easily charge in the £1500+ bracket and receive bookings, and I used to in the days before digital when roll film was the format of the day, and wedding photography was deemed only for the experience. Nowadays, anyone can pick up a DSLR camera and call themselves a wedding photographer. Although the quality of wedding photography has declined with the arrival of the newbie wedding photographer and in some cases is absolutely awful. This is where the “you only have to push a button” concept goes disastrously wrong. Filming on an overcast day is all very well and the images will look good, maybe, but it’s when the sun is out and all those nasty shadows in the eyes, under the nose and chin that will make Mr newbie wedding photographer wobble at the knees, make a cock-up, because program mode and auto flash don’t mix with bright sunlight. Auto mode inside a church with incandescent lighting leaving the image yellow and in a lot of cases the camera is so cheap that it cannot deal with the low light of a medieval church, the camera has to lower the shutter speed to let more light enter and hey presto all the images are blurred.

There are lots of good wedding photographers in the UK market place and you don’t have to invest a fortune to get good wedding images. Look through my portfolio (client galleries) and see complete weddings, don’t just look at the cherry-picked images on a photographers website, view a whole wedding. From the getting ready in the morning, the detail shots of the dress, shoes, Bocquet, jewellery, and all the fine details never remembered, walking down the aisle with dad, the tear of love in mum’s face, the nervousness of the groom constantly looking around. The detail of the ring slipping onto the wedding finger, the over the shoulder shot of the bride looking into her new husband’s eyes for the first time. Then the kiss and the applause from all the family, friends and guests. it’s the little details that no one ever sees or remembers that make people smile when they look back on their wedding day.

Anyway, a few shots from last week’s wedding of George & Emma at Leez Priory. Enjoy!