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Wedding fireworks
Wedding fireworks

Fireworks for weddings Are you looking for a way to surprise your wedding guests? Adding a wedding fireworks display can be a wonderful way to create a magical moment for everyone at your wedding to enjoy. Organizing your wedding fireworks is simple, as long as you keep the followingfour planning rules in mind! Set a […]

Wedding photographer Essex
Wedding photographer Essex

In my 20+ years as a professional wedding photographer in Essex, I’ve been fortunate enough to shoot weddings at every top venue in Essex. Grandiose mansions to small country pubs, country estates to a boat on a river, you name it, I’ve done it. My Photography Style I believe that on your wedding day you […]

Recent weddings

The wedding Business The last few weeks have been absolutely mad. What with recent weddings, All of a sudden everyone wants to get married. it’s not even the long-range bookings that seem to be popular, weddings with a week’s notice and one wedding with four hours notice, customer rang me at 9.30 in the morning […]

Wedding photography backup

As a photographer I may be shooting three or four weddings per week That can equate to thousands of images. Lately, wedding clients have been asking me how do I protect all their precious images from getting lost or deleted accidentally. Well here goes. At an average wedding, I may shoot 700 to 1000 images all […]

Engagement Photo Shoot In Essex

Richard Kinsley Photography After the worry and stress about whether your partner will say yes or no, you will then be wanting toshout about it to everyone that you can. To celebrate this amazing occasion and to create lastingmemories for everyone to see, an engagement photoshoot in Essex from Richard KinsleyPhotography could be ideal. Whether […]

Elinchrom Elb400 Wedding

Off-camera flash As an experienced wedding photographer, well versed in the use of speedlights for weddings I often find they have their limitations. Portable and easy to use, in bouncing the flash off a wall or ceiling to give that nice soft light and inside of a venue they work very well. Outside on an […]

Richard kinsley photography

Your wedding day is a day that is on one of the highest tiers as being one of the most memorable moments you’ll have in your life to cherish.   A special day like that should go as perfect as possible. Those perfect moments should be captured by a professional photographer. One that has been […]

Mag Mod

Mag mod flash reflector Any experienced wedding photographer will tell you that speed and image quality are the name of the game. With most weddings, nothing ever stops even for a moment, well almost. Maybe the group shots and even they have to be taken pretty fast in order to avoid people getting bored. I […]

Weddings simple off-camera flash

Simple off-camera flash for those dramatic different wedding images. So how do I as a photographer produce those perfect images that every couple wants that they have seen in a magazine and hope to reproduce on their wedding day? Quality wedding photography Speed, imagination, and off-camera flash. With every wedding moving along at a million […]