I’m a photographer based in Essex, covering the whole of the UK and beyond. Here I will keep you up to date with my recent work, adventures, and news. Enjoy!

Today we had a small outdoor shoot for a young lady called Catherine for her birthday invitations. Myself Catherine and her mum and dad met me at Davy down park near the lakeside shopping center, a park so small you could blink and miss it just driving past. We met up at 10 am and it was freezing cold and very very muddy, but hey everyone was up to get some good shots, and some good shots we got… In Davy down there is a small footbridge over a pond which is quite scenic and with a decent background, set up was a single Nikon sb910 mounted through a white brolly set 45 degrees and later head on to Catherine and about 4 feet away, I decided to use Nikon cls ttl manual for convenience and since it was so cold didn’t want to keep poor Catherine from getting too uncomfortable by which time the wind was picking up and dad had to hold the brolly to stop it falling into the pond! and Catherine who by now was almost frozen before I had even started to set up my gear, a quick bit of manual metering with Mr reliable sekonic , test shot, and we were off. I got some really good shots and if the weather had been a little warmer we could have spent more time getting some decent posed shots, 30 shots and 20 mins later back to base, card into lightroom 4, a quick bit of levels, highlight reduction and sharpening and hey presto what you see is what you get……till next time.