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Out with the old and in with the new. The 2015 wedding photographer season is almost upon us. Yes, it is February, cold, freezing cold, not so wet, and no snow, summer just around the corner and hopefully a summer just like last year. Last year was a Glorious summer with hardly any rain. What will 2015 bring to the world of wedding photographers?

A new website, better rankings, more wedding bookings. What will I be looking to do to advance my business? As is usual in the Winter, not as many weddings, and who can blame anyone with the cold, we’ve had recently, winter wonderland weddings would have been nice if we’d had some snow. Not to say it’s been all bad, have been filming weddings right up till Christmas day, January being the downtime, needed the rest. I wish, no time, new techniques to learn and old one’s to brush up on

The advertising is starting to gear up, Google AdWords campaigns are set up and running, Organic keywords are looking healthy, all is looking good. Inquiries are coming in with bookings for 2016 and 2017, with this year totally booked out apart from some weekends in September with some excellent weekday packages on offer soon, How about a free pre-wedding shoot. New venues and some classic wedding venues, I’m looking forward to them all. The pre-wedding shoots are booked up for the next few months, just need time to squeeze them all in.

Another Nikon D4 to add to my D4, big brothers to my old and faithful three Nikon D700’s might have to get some more pocket wizards, wrecked my last two. No new lens this year. But might buy a new Nikon sb910.

So will it be a busy 2015, definitely, with at least four weddings every week from March till Christmas and that’s all bookings from 2014.

2015 wedding photographer