Why a pre wedding shoot

Pre-wedding shoots are big business now within the wedding industry.

Photographers galore are offering pre-wedding shoots or couples shoots or whatever you want to call it as probably another way to sell something to a couple before their wedding.

Is it a good idea, yes, it can be, but most likely not for the reasons you’re thinking about. Yes, I want you the couple to have a perfect wedding as we all do.

You’ve looked at the website, like the look of the wedding images, the package is right, and feels that this photographer has your tastes in mind as to what style of images you want on your wedding day, made an appointment, heard all the sales spiel and voila! Booked him or her.

To pose or not to pose

Did you book your pre-wedding shoot, probably not, because just like most couples it never even crossed your mind to do so, but why would I need a pre-shoot I hear you ask yourselves. Cheesy poses.

In a local park in front of hundreds of people, no, not for me.

A pre-wedding shoot from the right photographer isn’t about getting cheesy crap poses that you feel the photographer has offered you just to add value to the package he or she has sold you.

Or at least it’s not what I’m all about. I’m moulding those images I take of you and your partner to benefit you on your wedding day.

Moulding the photography to your tastes and desires of what you want your pictures to look like of you the couple on your wedding day.

Cheesy poses, awkward poses

We meet up, preferably at your wedding venue a couple of months before your wedding keeping it all very relaxed and casual, cheesy poses, awkward poses, you’re not robots, I don’t think so, we’ll leave those to the amateurs.

Slim, maybe a lower angle is better for you.

A larger size than maybe the angle is better from slightly above.

Chins or no chins, a right angle could be better for you, chubby arms, thin arms, thin face, large face, how the light falls onto you is a deciding factor on how you look good in front of the camera and the final images and lots more.

Everyone’s different, I’m taking mental notes of each picture I take of you to decide how you will look in your wedding images.

Weddings move at a hundred miles per hour.

Getting those angles and the light right only comes with experience and information about your Husband and wife to be if collected beforehand in the right way.

And once I’ve created a pre-wedding gallery and heard your positive and negative thoughts, I’m pretty much well-armed of how to make you look good.

So, Why a pre-wedding shoot, yes, you want to print invites, you want to see how I work, am I easy going and great to get along with, of course, I am!, but really I’m doing it so we get it right on your wedding day.