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Woodhall Manor wedding venue

Woodhall Manor wedding venue

Woodhall Manor Suffolk. Thankfully one of my first weddings after opening up in July was a wonderful wedding at the even more beautiful Woodhall manor Suffolk on the 15th of July.

A scrumptious wedding venue. My First time as a wedding photographer here and wow what a place. As wedding venues go, this has it all.

Literally set in the middle of nowhere, thank God for sat nav.

The Venue

Driving along old country lanes and farmers’ fields coming to the entrance and being presented by the long sweeping driveway.

An Elizabethan manor Tudor house. The interior of Woodhall manor is a wedding photographers dream.

The wood-panelled rooms, tall lead glass windows streaming natural light. Great for those perfect Rembrandt lighting shots.

With all my wedding bookings I would normally meet them a few months before their wedding day to do a pre-wedding shoot. Find out what makes them click and do a series of posed and natural shots.

The feedback I receive from these images would determine the best course of style to apply to their wedding.

In this case, I was hired blind by another company. No chance to meet up with the couple, literally received all the info I needed a couple of days before the wedding.

The Dovecote

The wedding of Adam and Milyane. The bride Milayne is stunning in her wedding dress. The groom Adam looked very smart and also very nervous, to say the least.

Adam & Milyane chose to have their wedding outside under the dovecote. A lovely backdrop and superb for the wedding photo’s

The wedding day was overcast but warm, at least not raining. The typical British summers day really. The groom looks decidedly stressed. Here comes the Bride in dads arm looking very happy.

An outgoing fun-loving couple and it showed.

Singing waiters

lots of weddings have a magician or a Harpist or even a string quartet.

This wedding had all of those plus singing waiters and that is something which is not common at weddings and to be honest they were superb. A due both dressed as waiters. you couldn’t tell them apart from the regular staff.

Acting as waiters they carried on serving and then just broke out into song, getting all the guests standing up, singing along and waving napkins in the air. A real buzz and definitely a must for a big wedding.


Woodhall manor Suffolk is a superb venue for a wedding either big or small.

A large Tudor manor house with plenty of rooms Dedicated Hall for your 200 guests at your wedding.

The games room with its Snooker table for the boys to relax in after a hard day getting married. Library for the ladies to chill away chatting.

After 18 months of a pandemic. All the lockdowns and weddings being restricted to first, 15 people than 30 and eventually open for all.

It’s a relief to be able to get back into photographing weddings with no restrictions.

Masks! well, there is still a reality with restrictions still in place with the registrars but not all.

Some registrars are still insisting on face coverings. What makes It weird is that they insist that the industry workers, us, the photographer the videographers etc still must wear masks.

Whilst the guests at a wedding do not?

Strange times indeed.

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