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Danson House wedding

Danson House a Kent Wedding

Danson House wedding

I wouldn’t write about a registry office. Danson house wedding venue is something spectacular for a wedding venue.

As an Essex wedding photographer I film weddings at Danson house and as registries go this has to be my favourite.

Most registry offices are pretty poor. Tucked away in some awful part of council offices. Usually so small you couldn’t swing a cat in them.
The decor is usually bland and sterile and looks like they’ve come out the 1970’s.

why would you want to get married in a registry office, price!.

That is the only good thing about a registry office wedding it’s cheap.
There is an exception to that rule and that is the Danson house registry office in Bexley in Kent.

Danson House registry office

Wow!, this could be a standalone dedicated wedding venue and it shows. You would never guess that this is a Kent county council registry office.

Danson House is set in Danson Park. A grade one Georgian listed grand manor house built in 1766 and set in 200 acres of beautiful parklands.

The wedding reception rooms were decorated as they would have been in the Georgian era. High ceilings, sash windows. Lots of natural light permeates the rooms with glorious sunshine.

As weddings go this is the perfect place to get married and at the fraction of the cost of an enclosed wedding venue.
Danson House is a very popular wedding registry office.

Every couple wants to book it for their wedding and you can see why from the images.

All being said. Get a busy Saturday in the middle of the summer and weddings will be constant throughout the day.
Every thirty minutes is the rate of weddings at Danson.

This gives the wedding photographer no time to get shots set up.

Once the formal wedding procedures are completed, five minutes for a group shot on the stairs outside. Then it’s the next wedding.

There are so many beautiful parts of Danson House to photograph as part of a wedding and a real shame to miss them.

It’s only when you become a regular wedding photographer at the House that one becomes friendly with the Staff and get access to the spiral staircase, heart shot out the windows or exclusive shots on the front stairs.

The Engish Garden

A two-minute walk over from the registry office is The park. The “English garden” as it is known. Great for group shots, confetti, and secluded just married shots of you the couple.


Danson House and gardens are a wonderful place to get married.

With decor similar to some of the best wedding venues in the southeast and at a fraction of the cost. Although you may not be there all day, get to experience a fine English country manor house in all its splendour.

Have your wedding on a Saturday and you can expect no more than five minutes on the main stairs to get a group shot and that’s it. Over to the English garden for group shots and even then it can be a roller coaster with all the different wedding parties jockeying for the best backgrounds.

My advice is to either book your wedding for the last time slot or even a weekday when it’s quieter then it’s possible to get shots inside on the spiral staircase.


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