Wedding fireworks

Fireworks for weddings

Are you looking for a way to surprise your wedding guests? Adding a wedding fireworks display can be a wonderful way to create a magical moment for everyone at your wedding to enjoy.

Organizing your wedding fireworks is simple, as long as you keep the following
four planning rules in mind!

Set a Budget for Your Fireworks Display

Fireworks won’t have to blow a hole in your wedding budget by any means. You
can organize a fantastic display for £500-£900 and buy individual fireworks for a
lot less.

Of course, if you want to spend more, you can do so. Fireworks suit all
sorts of wedding budgets!

Just ensure you consider how much you want to spend before you start shopping
for fireworks.

Having a clear budget will help you find quality products and
create the kind of display you want.

Pick Your Style and Timing Carefully

The great thing about wedding fireworks is how many options you have in terms
of using them.

You could opt for a fireworks display to take place at the end of
the night or right before the first dance.

Alternatively, you can also opt for
individual pyro-effects to use during moments like cake cutting. Sparklers
and other indoor fireworks are a great addition to the wedding reception.

Fireworks bring the wow-effect and therefore, they work well right before big
events on the night.

At the same time, you also have to be careful not to overuse

This is why you should pick a specific slot on the wedding schedule and to
only use fireworks in one specific way, such as choosing either having a display
or just opting for individual pyro effects.

Planning for fireworks like this will
guarantee you find the best fireworks to use to ensure there’s no clashing with
other entertainment.

Be Creative

As fireworks can be used in many different ways, a big part of the fun is being
creative with how you use them.

Fireworks could be used together with music –
combining a fireworks display with music will add a lot of magic to your big

You could use songs that have been meaningful for you as a couple as the
the soundtrack to the show, for example.

Another outside-the-box idea is to combine fireworks with your wedding photos.
The bright colours of fireworks add a lot of wonder to the photos.

Not only do
you get to enjoy the beautiful display on your wedding day but also reminiscence
with great photos of the moment afterwards!

If you’re worried about the noise impact of fireworks, you also have the
the creativity of firework developers on your side.

There are plenty of low noise
fireworks available, which are a great way to enjoy the effects without the loud
Fireworks like smoke bombs also make very little noise and can be a great
addition to your wedding photos.

Put Safety First

It goes without saying that wedding fireworks require careful use. After all, you
are dealing with explosives!

If you’re not an experienced user of fireworks, it’s
always a good idea to book a professional fireworks display company to perform
the display at your wedding.

If you do want to use fireworks on your own, ask for
tips on staying safe from professional fireworks retailers.

It’s important to remember that you can’t use fireworks without getting
permission from the wedding venue, so clear it with them first.

Some venues will
insist on a professional team for the display.

The good thing about professional
groups is they’ll take care of everything for you from being insured to dealing
with the venue directly on your behalf.

Fireworks at your wedding can provide you with that special magical element on
an already magnificent day.

They are versatile and fun – old and young alike
often love a good fireworks display.

Follow these four rules and you’re going to end up with a wonderful display to
celebrate a special occasion!