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Romany Gypsy wedding

Location: Gravesend, Kent

Date: Summer 2015

Lewis & Whitney wedding

Romany Gypsy wedding. How many of us have watched the fly on the wall Gypsy wedding documentaries on tv.

The big fat dresses and the opulence of a Gypsy wedding.

A big stereotype about the Gypsy way of life is that it’s flashy, attention-grabbing and revealing in more ways than one!.

In the real world, every couple wants the best wedding in the world. The wedding of Lewis and Whitney in Gravesend, Kent was the perfect day, the weather was superb, Whitney the bride looked absolutely stunning in a traditional white dress, none of the stereotypical wedding dresses as seen on Tv.

With the start of any wedding day, it’s always the hustle and bustle of getting ready, time is flying, the champagne and the Prosecco is out. The excitement of the wedding service ever approaching, tick-tock the clock is counting down. Pre-wedding shoots in the garden with family and friends and the day are set.

The wedding

A major annoyance I find with church weddings is the stupid rules that clergy impose upon us the wedding photographers, now if it was a set rule across the board, no photography, photography only at the back of the church, stand in one corner, then I could understand and abide by those rules.

But it isn’t, the rules go from one extreme to another, one church will say “yes, do what you like” to another saying “no photography at all”. Roman Catholic, Church of England, it doesn’t matter. I understand the sanctity of the service, but come on, why are all church’s so different in their approach to photographers.

At the end of the day, it’s the Bride and groom that loses out, not the church. So all you couples out there looking to get married in a traditional church service and want lots of images of the service, make sure photography is ok in the church.

Suffice to say the shots of Whitney being accompanied by her grandfather down the aisle was enough to move anyone to tears and she really did look very resplendent in her lovely wedding dress.

Then it’s off to the Hilton Dartford for the wedding breakfast

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