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lobster shack

Location: Whitstable Kent

Date: September 2017

Chris & Babs

With the 2015 wedding season now in full swing.

The lovely weather of the last few weeks, 2015 is looking to be a repeat of 2014. what a quirky little venue this place turned out to be.

A wedding venue, but not a wedding venue so to speak.

Situated within the Whitstable Harbour area, on the Kent estuary of the River Thames, right on the beach, a summer wedding venue if ever there was one.

When Chris and Babs hired me to photograph their wedding in June of 2015. I never in my wildest dreams thought I would be covering a venue such as this.

Even the name tells you it’s going to be something different.

No grandiose statement here, simpleĀ is as simple does, wooden creaky floors, plain wooden tables and chairs with simple coverings and to be honest, it works, the lobster shack really does have a charm of its own.

The weather was superb, hot, with some cloud cover, no wind.

A lot of wedding venues as I have said before tend to overcomplicate the day for a couple, times are laid military-style and too often than not it feels like their herding cattle to the next event.

Not so the lobster shack so relaxed and laid back, no pressure, take the day as it comes. Being a fish and chip restaurant come wedding venue, the wedding breakfast consisted of. Guess… Fish and chips and excellent fish and chips they were too.

On the beach for some images of Chris & Babs.

From a technical point of view, the clouds had been burnt off by the now blazing sun, so harsh sunlight was the order of the day.

Perfect for a wedding from the point of a wedding, not so much from a photographers point of view, with lots of shadows and no cover from the sun. Direct full-on manual flash half to full power and anyone who understands the sunny 16 rule will understand what I mean.

Did get the chance to do some spikey sun shots and later in the evening as the sun was going down, an off-camera flash of the couple against the horizon.

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