Richard KinsleyWedding Photographer

La Tallbooth Wedding

Location: Dedham, Essex

Date: December 2018

Blaine & Lindsey

Wedding Dedham Essex

the venue has to be one of the more exclusive.

Near the village of Dedham in north Essex, bordering the county of Suffolk, La Talbooth Dedham is a beautiful little wedding venue set on the River Stour.

It’s not the grandest and certainly not the brashest.

What it is is a 1930’s quaint English tea room with a wedding venue twist set on the most beautiful river Stour.

The wedding of Blayne and Lindsey on the 6th of August was going to prove to be one of the most memorable of my photographic career.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love all wedding venues, but La Talbooth stands out as just that little bit special.

On a baking hot summers day hitting 30 degrees the gentle stillness of the river Stour in the heart of constable country, the urge to jump in the river did cross my mind at one point. In its uniqueness, the actual wedding ceremony has to be performed at the Maison Hotel two minutes around the corner and this is equally as beautiful.

Victorian country house laid to lawn, resident pianist.

What really makes the day for any couple deciding to get married at this venue has to be the private boat ride from the ceremony to your wedding breakfast.

The string quartet plays soft classical music as the boat gently slides into the pier with the rolling Suffolk countryside in the background.

The 1930’s art Deco bridge, no step ladders needed here, the perfect position for the group shot or the willow tree as a backdrop for that romantic kiss.

If I have a criticism, it’s going to be the lack of shade.

From A photographer’s point of view on a blistering hot day with bare hard sunlight beaming down, exposures have to be spot on and a lot of use of flash to overpower those horrible shadows.

Come the evening a photographer’s dream. No ugly clutter, coupled with a fisheye lens, off-camera flash and the perfect images.

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