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King Charles Hotel

Location: Charles Hotel, Gillingham, Kent

Date: January 2015

Steve & Carrie

King Charles Hotel Gillingham Kent. Now there’s a town I haven’t been to in years.

In fact, I used to live there, 20 years ago, how much it’s changed.

The wedding of Steve and Carrie at the King Charles hotel Gillingham was going to be one of those weddings I shall never forget.

When I first met Carrie and Steve, I thought a lovely nice quiet couple, though they would probably have a nice quiet wedding, no fuss. Well, appearances can be deceiving, all in a good way.

The first shots of the wedding day at the groom’s parents house were just slightly different from a normal bridal prep shoot, as the wedding photographer, I was about to find out. It was a good thing the weather was sunny and warm as it had been all year apart from a couple of weddings.

The guys, bridegroom, best man, and Dad looked smart in their tails and cravats, it was the Hawaiian swimming trunks that threw me initially, but soon got used to the idea, different it certainly was, photographically it definitely was!. Buy Hey each to their own I say. And it all made for nice images, even the Yorkie terrier in his wedding suit. Then it was onto the wedding at The King Charles Hotel Gillingham.

The King Charles Hotel. As with most hotels, they are never really set up for weddings, unlike a dedicated wedding venue, normally lovely reception rooms and restaurants but the gardens are concrete jungles.

Not with the King Charles hotel Gillingham, from the outside it looks like it could do with a lick of paint, does have a central courtyard where the wedding was held.

The sunshine was glorious from Steve and Carries point of view, lovely and warm, for me not so much, harsh midday sunlight, flash cranked up to the max, just to overpower the shadows that were forming on the couple and guests.

As weddings go, this was one of my favourites.

It might not have been the flashiest biggest wedding venue. It wasn’t the most expensive. But it was a fun wedding with lots of laughter and tomfoolery, the couple, guests and friends all laughing at, with and enjoying each other’s company. And as their wedding photographer, I thoroughly enjoyed their wedding just as much as they did.

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