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Italian wedding

Location: Eastwell park

Date: September 2015

Jacopo & Francesca

The perfect wedding, what is the perfect wedding, a lovely venue, superb weather, the beautiful couple. If there’s a culture that knows how to enjoy a wedding it has to be the Italians.

The wedding of Jacopo and Francesca in mid-September 2015 was such a wedding.

In Ashford, Kent of all places. The weather on the day wasn’t exactly the best we have had for an English summer wedding, not like 2014 when it seemed to be constant sunshine every day, overcast and the clouds were threatening to open up at any moment but thankfully the rain stayed away.

With the Bridal prep out of the way, on to the church. St. Theresa R.C, quite a modern church with plenty of natural sunlight and a nice modern airy feel to it, unlike the more traditional Norman church’s.

With the church service done it was on to Eastwell park near the village of Boughton Lees and the church, ruins of St. Mary the virgin, derelict church, not used since the 1950s when the roof collapsed in a massive storm.

A photographers dream, quiet, lovely ruins, plenty of shade and the perfect backdrop of a massive lake., the only problem being the damp ground, causing high heels to sink into the ground and we were massively behind time running almost an hour late after the church service, I had planned to do some off-camera flash with softbox’s to get that soft, warm light feel with the couple in a romantic embrace next to the rough walls of the church, alas had to be quick and get all the shots done in about twenty minutes and settled for on-camera flash. At least I did get the chance to use my new Nikon 24-70 2.8 VR lens

The highlight of the day was going to be the Evening do, The Croft Hotel. An Italian restaurant within the Hotel.

The evening really came alive and surprisingly as with most Italian wedding breakfasts, it didn’t go on forever.

The Wine started flowing and flowing and flowing. Luckily everyone’s English was better than my Italian which amounted to one word “si” so the language barrier wasn’t too much of a problem, not that anything needed translating the wine was doing the talking and the singing. They know how to party these Italians!.

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