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Constable country wedding

Location: Naylands golf club

Aden & Lucy

The beauty of the Essex countryside is Immortalised in the paintings of the vale of Dedham by John Constable with stoke by Nayland just being down the road from constable’s famous romantic paintings of the area.

For the Wedding of Aden & lucy at the Stoke by Nayland golf club. This was going to be just as memorable as any famous painting.

The day was beautifully warm if quite cloudy.

From a photographer’s point of view probably perfect weather, no harsh sunlight and ugly shadows to deal with and for the Bride no sweating to death in the hot midday sun.

Thank god for air conditioning. With most weddings, they tend to follow a set standard of dress and format that can be very predictable. Not so with Aden and Lucy, RED was the order of the day.

Groom and ushers in red jackets and trousers, Bride in a tight-fitting cream dress which really accentuated her figure, with wait for it ….. red shoes.

I tend to find that most golf club wedding venues tend to be very plain and clinical in their layout and attractiveness.

That is not to say that the couple who are getting married may find the venue uninviting but from a photographer’s point of view plain white walls, background clutter, boring putting greens which are just that a plain colour green.

So when we had a chance to get some shots in over one of the best-landscaped lakes I had seen in a while, knew the images would be spectacular. By the time we got around to getting the shots done time was against us. With less than 20 minutes till the sit-down meal.

A mad rush in the golf cart buggies to the lake and then as an added bonus to a cornfield for some truly memorable images of constable country.

On camera, flash to make things easier and to speed up the image taking Then all of a sudden within five minutes the clouds had broken to reveal the most beautiful golden hour sunset.

I saw the landscape and thought no this has to be done with off-camera flash, no flash stand, left it in the clubhouse, luckily our venue manager stood in for a stand and held a Nikon sb-910 and trigger in the positions I wanted to get the best light on the couple, better than any stand, a human stand.

Last shots of the evening dance and top it off a sparklers guard of Honour for a constable country wedding.

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