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An Essex Wedding

Location: St Mary's church, Matching

Date: Summer 2014

Steve & Wendy

I love it when a wedding runs perfectly, the wedding of Steve and Wendy Edwards at St Mary’s church Matching, in June of last year was just that wedding.

The Bride to be, full of fun and laughter, mum, being the perfect future mother in law, dad, grinning like a Cheshire cat. The sun had his hat on and had come out to play. A perfect day for a wedding.
The summer of 2014, proved to be one of the very best in terms of the weather, over 40 weddings last year, rain on only two of them.

Never has there been a glorious year for weddings in years. From a wedding photographer’s point of view, prefer some cloud to hide the harsh midday sun, don’t want rain, but as with most British summer weddings in the past, can’t always have what we want.

The manor of groves, Sawbridgeworth, Herts. A beautiful Queen Ann era, mansion house, Estate dating back to the Tudor era of Henry v111, very similar to The Lawn, Rochford.

The wedding of Steve and Wendy started not at the manor of groves, St Marys’s church Matching, An 11th ¬†century Norman church in a very secluded village complete with manor house, village green, and of course the village pond.

Guests arriving, family and guests shots taken care of, wedding Cadillac, top-down, everyone smiling, then the placards come out ” last chance run “, the page boy looks so happy… Not, not everyone’s having a good day.

With the wedding service done, all group shots, got some good shots around the Cadillac and the classic shot of the bride being embraced by her new husband.

The heat from the sun was by now getting on everyone’s nerves, hasty retreat by all back to the manor of groves for the rest of the day.

Steve and Wendy, really were the perfect couple, not just from my point of view as their wedding photographer, so laid back, the wedding day flowed with no stress, no hiccups, no tantrums, as all weddings should. The 1st dance said it all, can see in their eyes, suited for each other.

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