Wedding 170 Queen’s gate

I do love a good wedding venue, 170 Queen’s gate, one of the wedding venues in London, and possibly Kensington’s best-kept secret. That said, I would normally avoid doing a wedding in London if it’s not the logistical nightmare of getting to the venue it’s going to be the severe lack of parking. The congestion charge, awful traffic, and if that’s not enough and decide not to drive, use the tube instead, it’s going to be dragging around all my very expensive gear on the tube.

170 Queensgate has been just that venue. A Victorian grade two listed venue, beautiful traditional banqueting rooms, walled garden, just around the corner from the Albert Hall and Hyde Park. In all honesty, you wouldn’t think this was in the middle of South Kensington. Beautiful Victorian rooms all with original fittings.

The civil ceremony of Annette and Jo. A lovely quiet, laid back ceremony and a photographers dream. The day was warm, slightly overcast with the cloud thickening but no sign of rain, twenty-five guests. The garden grounds were heavily shaded but still light enough, letting sunlight in when it appeared.

The first shots were going to be outside the Albert Hall, five minutes away, a great place to get brilliant images, not so with the masses of tourists getting in the way, the couple was up for it and to keep the set up simple and flexible, a single Speedlight, bare flash off-camera, remote fired with pocket wizards, Nikon D4, a 17-35mm enabling me to get down low and dramatically set the couple against the Albert hall.

Back to the Gore hotel for some honeymoon suite shots with Jo and entourage, then back to 170 Queen’gate for the ceremony. The couple looked lovely, a bit nervous, but hey, it’s a wedding, the tears flowed and the love in their eyes was plain to see. (Always makes for the best images)

Wedding 170 Queen’s gate