Warley park wedding

I do so love a good wedding venue. Even better when that wedding venue is only just down the road from me. Golf club wedding venue’s tend to be a little more laid back than dedicated wedding venues, no strict adherence to timings, no fussy overbearing venue managers, and the day is allowed to “go with the flow”, so to speak. But on the other hand, they can be quite bland from a wedding photographer’s point of view. Too much open green space (not surprising really being golf clubs) and no features to add ambience to a wedding day.

Warley park golf club, really, is the exception to the rule, yes, it does have the big open green boring spaces but at the same time it also has the dedicated wedding venue, gorgeous backdrop lake and really is a photographers dream venue albeit on a smaller scale. The winding path down to the covered wedding pier, overhanging the really lovely lake, views into the distance. With prices starting from £2199, and no I don’t get a commission for plugging Warley park, it really is very good value for money.

The wedding of Lee & Gemma on Thursday the 18th June, what a glorious hot summers day this one turned out to be. Luckily 2015 has turned out to be quite good with sunshine almost on a par with 2014 and a couple whom relished having their pictures taken. With pre bridal shots taken at the Kilns hotel just a minutes drive down from Warley Park, a very nice Georgian country house hotel, lovely jubbly bridesmaids, bride to be laughing and joking and no sign of stress, in fact the opposite.

The day went exceptionally smoothly, the weather was perfect, Lee the groom very smart and laid back, Gemma the bride radiant in her flowing white dress and full of smiles all day.

The perfect Warley park wedding

Last not least Lloyd, the venue manager for helping everything run smoothly

Lee & Gemma, Warley park wedding.

Warley park wedding