Hard to believe, but I had never covered a wedding at the old rectory at Dunton before, in between Brentwood and Orsett, even though it’s only four miles from me. A Victorian Rectory as the name suggests, the only building that is missing is a church to go with it.

The wedding of Paul and Jen in November of 2014, lovely sunny day and warm with it. The old rectory isn’t a massive venue, in fact, it has a very homely feel to it, sweeping drive into naturally laid to lawn grounds with the ambiance of a typical Victorian garden. If you’re looking for a small venue that won’t break the bank yet still has a charm and tranquillity to it, the old rectory may be what you’re looking for.

The couple themselves, really nice, outgoing and full of laughter, no hang-ups and so easy to get on with and being Star Wars fans, well let’s just say have a look at the group images on the gallery and you can see why.