Quendon Hall

Quendon Hall

Do you want a wedding venue that will fulfill all your desires of a Wedding venue, then Quendon Hall in Essex is the place to go.

Quendon between Bishops Stortford and Saffron Walden, quaint typical English country village, Parklands Quendon Hall, an early Georgian 17th-century country mansion and estate set in rolling countryside in the heart of Essex.

Quendon Hall is your dedicated wedding venue. This is the place where you go to have your wedding in a typical English village country estate, the deer park view alone makes it all worthwhile.
The manicured lawns, fish pond, water fountain, the large Georgian rooms all with original fittings, and ambiance to match. Quendon Hall is no mutton dressed up as lamb wedding venue as so many new wedding venues are. Just like Highclere castle from the tv series Downton Abbey, Quendon Hall has that ambient feel of a traditional Edwardian Mansion house.

The wedding of Stephen and Angela in mid-march of this year. A couple so full of fun and laughter and not afraid to take the Michael out of themselves, this is what makes weddings such fun and of course, if your family and friends can do the same it makes for an electric atmosphere.

Lots of shots around the grounds and with this being a late winter wedding, with dusk at around 6 pm, if a little cold, unlike the same day in 2014 when it was over 22 degrees and ironically the same place, but hey, when it’s your wedding you don’t mind all that, able to do some off-camera flash shots, which really adds to the quality of the images, better than direct on-camera flash which is too flat with no discerning detail. So when booking your wedding photographer make sure they have the experience and know-how to do off-camera flash, which will really make a difference to your images. The only problem being a gust of wind caught one of my light stands, blowing it over and totally wrecking a pocket wizard tt5. Luckily the Nikon Sb-910 wasn’t damaged. I can add this to my list of 2015 equipment failures for this year, even if it was an act of god.