Mulberry House Ongar

Mulberry House Ongar

The wedding of Jordan and wendy

A lovely place for a wedding set in beautiful lush grounds on the Chelmsford road with easy links to the M11 and M25

A truly beautiful wedding. And a very wonderful couple.

As wedding venues go, Mulberry house Ongar is a lovely little wedding venue. The house itself a late Georgian Squires house has everything you could want from a wedding venue. As you walk in, a big reception room is styled in the feel of a grand country manor house. The original high sash windows permeating lovely natural light. The wedding suite and its sunken bath, decorated in Victorian style overlooking the grandiose gardens.

Everything flows at Mulberry’s house. A dedicated ceremony room is more than large enough to hold one hundred plus guests. Which also doubles as a turnaround room for the smaller wedding reception. They kiss the rings, signing the register. Shots with family and friends. Then it’s outside onto the gravel courtyard for pics in front of the house. Onto the extensive lawns for canapes and drinks then the big group shot on the lawn overlooking the pond.

Mulberry house grounds

The grounds are what really make mulberry house a wedding venue. Twenty-two acres of manicured lawns and the pond. With its bridge is a superb place to get that just married romantic shot. Reflection in the water with Mulberry house in the background. The photographer trying to avoid getting attacked by the resident swans on the banks of the pond.

Wedding guests drinking and chatting in the gardens. Bride and groom soaking up the sun and lovely ambient light shining through the trees. whilst enjoying a glass of bubbly or two.

The good thing about the venue is that even if it’s raining there’s plenty of space in the house itself to get smaller group shots and when there is a gap in the rain onto the gravel driveway for shots in front of the house.

Wedding Breakfast

A very large permanent Marquee for the wedding breakfast with its own bar. Attentive and friendly staff. With the 23 furnished bedrooms right next to the  Marquee. Guests can literally fall into their rooms after a hard night of dancing and partying.

Then as the sun is going down on a warm balmy evening, a romantic sunset shot of the couple in a loveling embrace with the sun shining through the trees in the background.

From a wedding photographer’s point of view, this venue has it all. The wedding suite is perfect for natural light shots and the grounds are extensive and make perfect backdrops. The pond is great for reflections in the water and the way the sun sets in the evening makes for stunning sunset shots. My only criticism is the tea rooms are open to the public so when there’s a wedding going on the public has free use of the building.






The House meadow rustic farm wedding

The House meadow rustic farm wedding

What a wonderful wedding venue. There are grand wedding venues all over the place from stately castles to the little mini venues, this place really does beat them all. Size isn’t everything and sometimes just the simple things in life can be just as exciting as the biggest. The House meadow is just such a stunning wedding venue.

Rustic farm wedding

As soon as you drive into the house meadow, can feel a real sense of a charming rustic farm wedding. The darling buds of May come to mind. That iconic Tv series from the 1980s.This is what The house meadow is all about. Beautiful summer days in the kent countryside. Lazy summer evenings, drinking wine and champagne, eating strawberries and cream, in a nutshell, pure relaxation.

The house meadow is for the faint-hearted, meaning to say this is the sort of wedding that you throw your cares to the wind, Chillout, Relax and just enjoy the day. No clipboard management here running your wedding like a well-oiled conveyor belt wedding. Like a hotel or a huge venue organizing every little time slot for you, “when to cut your cake”, “when to have your first dance”. This is all about you.

The simple barn with all its nook and crannies and natural ventilation. On a blisteringly hot summer day, the perfect way to have your rustic farm wedding. From a wedding photographer’s point of view, this is just the perfect wedding venue.

The lush Kent countryside and the long sweeping views into the distance make for just the perfect images. A little off-camera flash to create those warm shadows, The natural light of golden hour for those warm earthy tones.  For just that intimate romantic moment the Meadow of buttercups and wildflowers over the beautiful lake with the sun in the background.

Suffice to say the house meadow is fully booked for 2019, almost all of 2020. A testament to its endearing charm of simplicity within a stunning masterpiece.

The House meadow rustic farm wedding

Vaulty Manor wedding

Vaulty Manor wedding

Vaulty manor wedding

What a sweet little venue, Vaulty manor with its beautifully restored 17th century Manor Barn, sweeping driveway. The 12 acres of beautiful grounds. The 16th century Manor house and above all the lovely tranquillity of the Essex countryside all set in a niche wedding venue, what more can one ask for,  for a lovely down to earth Vince and Diane on their wedding day.

The Bridal

The Rose cottage for the bridal prep and a really good makeup artist Dawn Taylor. Now I meet makeup artists at ten to the penny, Dawn is so friendly you wouldn’t believe she’s doing a job and seems more like friends of the Bride and having a really good time too. To top it all off a lovely looking Diane. (nope I’m not getting a percentage kickback)

The wedding

The Wedding of Vince & Diane in late April 2016, Vince (he’s the one that looks like Richard Gere), a really lovely laid back couple. Easy going and full of smiles and laughter. As with most weddings, you expect the bride to be a little emotional on her wedding day. Vince the groom took the honors on this day, always looking out for a tear or two. Vince took the biscuit. With Diane’s daughter Phoebe giving Diane away and both looking lovely, Vince looking very resplendent and very Richard gere looking. With the smaller wedding venue’s there’s that feeling of intimacy that you don’t get with the bigger venues and no management timekeeping, go with the flow as they say. Don’t get me wrong for a Vaulty Manor wedding it is very well managed without the pretense of being managed. With the weather bordering on the iffy side, The sun was out for the confetti then it was a case of in and out of the clouds for the rest of the day. Group shots were done and out of the way, Vince and Diane’s couple shots with minimal posing and keeping the ambiance as natural as possible. Onto the speeches, suffice to say there was not a dry eye in the house.
Andy Wilshire and his rat pack tribute was the entertainment for the evening and a very good tribute he was too. A beautiful couple at an excellent venue and a lovely day had by all.

Orsett Hall Wedding

Orsett Hall Wedding

Orsett Hall 18th October 2014. The Wedding of jay and Kate Redsell

The wedding of jay and Kate at Orsett Hall was going to be a grandiose affair right from the off. Orsett Hall is one of those more or less perfect wedding venues since its rebuild in 2009 after a disastrous fire that destroyed the original venue and out of the ashes a phoenix was reborn. The original venue looked nice from the outside, but the inside was a different story with uneven floorboards and a general feeling of past its sell-by date. The new venue, on the other hand, is perfect from either a potential couple’s wedding and a wedding photographer’s point of view. Large open reception rooms with lots of natural light, beautiful suites in different styles to compete with modern and traditional expectations, well-kept gardens and of course the chapel just for weddings.

Kate looked stunning and with her little entourage of family and friends I could tell the day was going to be a day to remember for them and an enjoyable day for everyone else, the bubbly pretty bridesmaids, the flamboyant brother and partner, the cheerful kids and the exploding bubbly shot set the day up perfectly.

Kate’s brother gave her away and even a few tears for the camera. Service and group shots over, time was getting a little behind as I was reminded by the venue manager as is generally the case with weddings so the planned off-camera flash shots had to be shortened to on camera in order to still take the planned individual shots, stunning shots Kate is a natural pose, but as with all weddings the trick is to make a posed shot look natural, the movement of eye’s, body posture (asking the bride to move her right leg backdrops the shoulders) and the placement of the groom’s hands can make or break an image, and as always the guys never know what to do with their hands!.

With sometime before the 1st dance, a little off-camera flash images shots of Jay and Kate in the wedding suite shot through Rogue flash benders and finally the 1st dance

An excellent Orsett Hall wedding, superb weather for October, bubbly family and guests and thank you to my second shooter for the day, Ruth.

wedding photographer Essex

wedding photographer Essex

The British summer as always can be relied upon to rain, and as was the case with the wedding of Tatsuro & Rachel Miyamoto. An unusual Essex wedding, the groom and his family being from japan and all unable to speak English apart from the groom, so the language and cultural barriers were quite evident but suffice to say a lovely family as they always are and what a wedding!.

The day started with bridal preps, followed by guests and family shots at the church St. Mary’s in Upminster Essex. The groom’s party were all so polite and the bowing was oh so Japanese I even noticed the groom talking to his father on the phone and even then he was bowing!. The weather by 1.30 was beginning to look rather iffy with large black clouds forming and the guests were all looking up constantly and with the light looking like it was going to be poor I was worried we wouldn’t be able to get decent images inside the church, luckily I had my Nikon D4 which I almost didn’t bring and was going to use a D700 instead with a Nikon 24-70 and sb910 bounced.

The wedding went well and the clergy were quite nice as well and even the father of the bride managed to shed a tear, Then it happened just as the couple was leaving the church the heavens opened up and a torrential downpour with everyone scarpering back to the venue to avoid any more rain, I had to improvise rather quickly getting the bride and groom shots in the entrances and then what happens 20 minutes later it all clears up, oh well that’s life.

Back to the venue, the Chase at Upminster, a barn in a park, all self-catering I thought but no a top Japanese chef and his team were cooking delectable Japanese recipes I had never even heard of before and the sushi was to die for all fresh and hand made. Speeches over which was a laugh with translators going back and forth and delayed laughter, the couple had put on an oriental steel drum band to provide the evening entertainment.