Mulberry House Ongar

Mulberry House Ongar

Mulberry House wedding Ongar.

A lovely place for a wedding set in beautiful lush grounds on the Chelmsford road with easy links to the M11 and M25

The wedding of Jordan and wendy in late 2019. A truly beautiful wedding. And a very wonderful couple.

As wedding venues go, Mulberry house Ongar is a lovely little wedding venue. The house itself a late Georgian Squires house has everything you could want from a wedding venue. As you walk in, a big reception room styled in the feel of a grand country manor house. The original high sash windows permeating lovely natural light. The wedding suite and its sunken bath, decorated in Victorian style overlooking the grandiose gardens.

Everything flows at Mulberry’s house. A dedicated ceremony room more than large enough to hold one hundred plus guests. Which also doubles as a turnaround room for the smaller wedding reception. The kiss the rings, signing of the register. Shots with family and friends. Then it’s outside onto the gravel courtyard for pics in front of the house. Onto the extensive lawns for canapes and drinks then the big group shot on the lawn overlooking the pond.

Mulberry house grounds

The grounds are what really make mulberry house a wedding venue. Twenty-two acres of manicured lawns and the pond. With its bridge is a superb place to get that just married romantic shot. Reflection in the water with Mulberry house in the background. The photographer trying to avoid getting attacked by the resident swans on the banks of the pond.

Wedding guests drinking and chatting in the gardens. Bride and groom soaking up the sun and lovely ambient light shining through the trees. whilst enjoying a glass of bubbly or two.

The good thing about the venue is that even if it’s raining there’s plenty of space in the house itself to get smaller group shots and when there is a gap in the rain onto the gravel driveway for shots in front of the house.

Wedding Breakfast

A very large permanent Marquee for the wedding breakfast with its own bar. Attentive and friendly staff. With the 23 furnished bedrooms right next to the  Marquee. Guests can literally fall into their rooms after a hard night of dancing and partying.

Then as the sun is going down on a warm balmy evening, a romantic sunset shot of the couple in a loveling embrace with the sun shining through the trees in the background.

From a wedding photographer’s point of view, this venue has it all. The wedding suite is perfect for natural light shots and the grounds are extensive and make perfect backdrops. The pond is great for reflections in the water and the way the sun sets in the evening makes for stunning sunset shots. My only criticism is the tea rooms are open to the public so when there’s a wedding going on the public has free use of the building.






Richard kinsley photography

Richard kinsley photography

Your wedding day is a day that is on one of the highest tiers as being one of the most memorable moments you’ll have in your life to cherish.  A special day like that should go as perfect as possible. Those perfect moments should be captured by a professional photographer. One that has been in the wedding industry working side-by-side with brides and grooms for years; two decades to be exact. Richard Kinsley Photography is prepared to capture your dream wedding with care and professionalism so that the memories can live on for years to come. Richard Kinsley Photography is located in Purfleet, Essex, UK, but travels throughout much of the Essex and Kent areas.

Richard Kinsley Photography offers a wide variety of options to request from so that you can have your photos adjusted to your liking, in order to obtain a custom and only-yours look. Your dream should be perfect when you look back at your pictures. The adjustments are made by trained professionals in order to get the desired look, at no extra costs.

With a five-star rating on Facebook and Google and the most commonly called to in kent and  Essex, Richard Kinsley Photography specializes in wedding photography.


Richard Kinsley Photography Engagement Shoots

One of the greatest features you can get with Richard Kinsley is the engagement photo shoots. He highly recommends and looks forward to the engagement shots as it’s the perfect time to get to know the couple and familiarize them with Richard himself. His forte is making sure everyone is comfortable in front of the camera, to get to know what the couple’s likes and dislikes are, work together and become a team.  Having the comfort and trust that is built will benefit any couple, in hopes to become closer and comfortable with one another for the big day.

He aims to make the atmosphere relaxing and casual, removing any stiff or formal feel that couples are accustomed to. During the engagement photo shoot, couples will have one-on-one time with Richard and have that quality time to acquaint with one another. The couple will get a trusted friend by the time the photo shoot is complete rather than having just another photographer show up and do things just the way they want; on a special day. What’s even better still, the engagement shoot is complimentary. They are free when booking Richard.  When contacting Richard, request the free complimentary engagement photo shoot.


Richard Kinsley Photography Styles

Richard has worked with so many different couples and personalities; he truly understands what it takes to have lasting pictures turn the way the couple envisions. His dry sense of humor and laid-back personality strays away from too serious scenarios. He believes in a laid-back and casual atmosphere because that’s exactly what the picture will portray.  Awkward and serious ambiances will make for awkward photos rather than effortless ones that flow.


Being in the wedding biz, Richard knows romance.  From the poses to the softening of the photos, he embraces the love between the couples.  The event is a romantic one and he specializes in knowing just how to create and portray it.


As for editing, he’s favorites are the classical romantic black and white photos. He captures real moments of the couple, rather than staged poses.  He avoids overly-done, rigid, and unnatural actions that come with being camera shy. He understands that not everyone stands in front of a camera every day and that the pressure of the wedding can intimidate anyone. Richard Kinsley also recognizes that not all couples share intimacy the same as the next couple does. He strategically follows each couple to capture real interaction between the two, raw emotions and the specific love the couple has between each other.


He chooses backgrounds that suit the couple’s energy and as you look through his portfolio, each background goes perfectly with the couple in the front. Whether they’re simple like standing in front of a beautiful reddish brick wall, or the complex detailing of an old cobblestone bridge, he knows what works best for the personalities of the couples as well. Not into the classical look? Why not sit romantically on a motorcycle or vintage car? Want a regal look? Richard knows the ideal castles! Or for the classic greenery landscapes, he knows of plenty of gardens and parks. The message here? Richard accommodates the very best with every couple that works with him.

Much of the style consists of a mixture of both classic and contemporary with crystal clear details; from trimming within the pillars throughout the historic hallways down to the beautiful crystal beading of the wedding dresses. Richard Kinsley Photography will capture colours making each and every picture stand out. Photos can be taken with a fisheye lens to portray a fantasy-type of panoramic look adding a distinguished touch.

Whether you’re camera-shy, our professional team will comfort your needs and walk-through with you to create the perfect pose, making them appear effortless and social-media worthy.

We understand that couples should be proud and excited to have their family and friends look back at their unforgettable events.

Every little moment will be captured with care, from the Bridal prep, the dress, shoes, makeup and all the little things which are never remembered on the Wedding day, up to the speeches, the first dance as a married couple, to the cake cutting, every moment is just as important as the last.

2015 wedding photographer

2015 wedding photographer

wedding photographer Essex

Affordable wedding photographer

2015 wedding photographer

Out with the old and in with the new. The 2015 wedding photographer season is almost upon us. Yes, it is February, cold, freezing cold, not so wet, and no snow, summer just around the corner and hopefully a summer just like last year. Last year was a Glorious summer with hardly any rain. What will 2015 bring to the world of wedding photographers?

A new website, better rankings, more wedding bookings. What will I be looking to do to advance my business? As is usual in the Winter, not as many weddings, and who can blame anyone with the cold, we’ve had recently, winter wonderland weddings would have been nice if we’d had some snow. Not to say it’s been all bad, have been filming weddings right up till Christmas day, January being the downtime, needed the rest. I wish, no time, new techniques to learn and old one’s to brush up on

The advertising is starting to gear up, Google AdWords campaigns are set up and running, Organic keywords are looking healthy, all is looking good. Inquiries are coming in with bookings for 2016 and 2017, with this year totally booked out apart from some weekends in September with some excellent weekday packages on offer soon, How about a free pre-wedding shoot. New venues and some classic wedding venues, I’m looking forward to them all. The pre-wedding shoots are booked up for the next few months, just need time to squeeze them all in.

Another Nikon D4 to add to my D4, big brothers to my old and faithful three Nikon D700’s might have to get some more pocket wizards, wrecked my last two. No new lens this year. But might buy a new Nikon sb910.

So will it be a busy 2015, definitely, with at least four weddings every week from March till Christmas and that’s all bookings from 2014.

2015 wedding photographer