weddings simple off camera flash

weddings simple off camera flash

Simple off-camera flash for those dramatic different wedding images.

So how do I as a photographer produce those perfect images that every couple wants that they have seen in a magazine and hope to reproduce on their wedding day? Speed, imagination, and off-camera flash. With every wedding moving along at a million miles per hour it can be pretty hard to get those “glossy magazine-style shots” but if the time is going well and nothing has been put back then yes I can produce those glossy shots. My signature wedding images are the spiky sun shots, shooting into the sun and lighting the couple, firing the flash into the sun and producing that spiky sun image “spiky sun”

To the layman, it’s that simple and as an example of how I take images with a simple off-camera flash setup.

A flash unit, 30-45 degrees off to the side of me, remotely fired with triggers, pocket wizards, mini TT1 and flex tt5 and then my choice of lens, to keep things as simple as possible, normally. Manual settings, so for example if I’m filming into the sun and want to produce the spiky sun shot as seen below. I will set my aperture quite small f13 to f16, shutter speed to about 1/100 of a sec, and my iso to 100. Flash to full power and to make that shot stand out I lie down on the ground for a great angle, use a fisheye lens to give that sweeping bowing effect, nice natural directing of the couple. I like my images to be as natural as possible, with no cheesy poses, with just a little input from me to get the body postures just right. Test shot, and all done in about 60 seconds. I’ve got four or five really good images.

In post-production, skin smoothing, eye sharpening, Image straightening, image sharpening, white balance adjustment, and then I might use a NIK software filter preset to give the image a warm soft-focus feel, little burning of the clouds to make them stand out and all done. In the gallery below you can see an example of the image in-camera and the final polished image.

weddings simple off-camera flash