Rochford hotel wedding

Rochford hotel wedding

Rochford hotel

Possibly one of the most popular wedding venues in Essex must be the Rochford hotel. A small wedding venue in the town of Rochford bordering Southend in Essex.

A stressed bride on her wedding day is not a good thing, luckily Kerry was full of life and couldn’t stop laughing and smiling all day, sets everyone else, family, friends, and guests up
For the whole day and puts everyone in a good mood. From my point of view as the wedding photographer, it makes my life easier if everyone is smiling and laughing, I don’t have to get a smile out of people.

Kerry, smiling and joking, dad laughing, even Steve the groom managed a smile, think he was more nervous than Kerry. Bridal shots are taken care of. Groom and best man shot done, kids, and Kerry looked absolutely stunning with a big beaming smile. Then the heavens opened up, looked like it was going to be a nice day, humid, cloudy, but no rain, Bride Dodging the rain as she made her way to the service, as she entered the marquee everyone’s face lit up, Stunning images of David and Kerry’s wedding, made even more lovely by the look of love in her eyes.

With the grounds of the Rochford hotel soaking wet, group and family shots had to be taken on a sheet laid out on the grass in order to avoid the ladies getting that sinking feeling on the grass! not every wedding has perfect weather as we all wish. David’s and Kerry’s shots we took backing onto the building, which actually looked quite good.

With any wedding, speeches can make or break the mood. David did well, bringing humor into his speech as did the father of the bride, the show-stealer was Kerry’s son who gave a very moving speech that had everyone in tears and really set up the ambiance for the rest of the day.

The moral of the story is, enjoy your day, don’t get stressed, have lots of laughter, and above all smile!.

Rochford Hotel Wedding

Mr & Mrs. Steel