knowle house

knowle house

The sweeping drive manicured lawns and gardens. The Victorian mansion, you know when you’re in a quality wedding venue by the secluded entrance which hides another world. Knowle House in Higham a stone’s throw from the A2, in between Gravesend and Rochester in Kent. Originally an 18th-century Mansion house with links to Charles Dickens and just around the corner from Gads hill, the residence of the former great writer who has so many links to the area.

For the wedding of Paul and Shelley in early June 2016, I was expecting this to be a really stuffy wedding venue full of managers trying to micro-manage every aspect of a wedding, clipboards in hand, aloof and full of delusions of grandeur. No not Knowle house, in fact, the total opposite. As soon as I walked in the main entrance a beaming smile from the duty manager and a “would you like a drink”. Knock me down with a feather I thought. Never get this at other wedding venues I thought to myself. This was just an opener for the rest of the day.

“The Knowle specializes in large portions, fresh produce and does not pander to modern fads”. as quoted on the Knowle house website

The weather on the day was a bit iffy to say the least, slightly chilly, very cloudy, not what you would expect from June. Just about a typical British summer. As with all weddings, it’s not the weather or the venue that makes a wedding but the people, electricity was the atmosphere, with so many friends and guests laughing and joking you knew this was going to be a fun wedding.

The entrance of Shelley accompanied by her son down the red carpet and out into the venue grounds for the start of the service. Suffice to say the wedding went very well, the weather behaved itself and even the grass avoided swallowing a few heels, even warmed up a little. Family and group shots around the grounds and the wedding breakfast begins. Now Normally i go back to the car to do some office work, five minutes later there’s a knock on the window ” do you want a meal” followed by “we’ll bring out to your car if you want”, well what can I say, knock me down with another feather. So to all, you wedding photographers out there, get into Knowle house. A really lovely wedding with a down to earth couple who live for the day and enjoy life to the fullest.