Recent Weddings

Recent Weddings

The last few weeks have been absolutely mad. What with recent weddings, All of a sudden everyone wants to get married, it’s not even the long-range bookings that seem to be popular, weddings with a week’s notice and one wedding with four hours notice, customer rang me at 9.30 in the morning and I was doing their wedding at 1 pm. Normally the festive season is the quiet time within the wedding industry, not this year, and to be honest, I believe this is the way the industry is heading. The wedding business is more popular than ever, no longer the restriction of a traditional church service and evening do at the local village hall, Now you can get married anywhere, local pub, club and wedding venue’s galore.

The wedding of Igor and Cheryl at Great Hallingbury Manor on the 18th October, a real character Igor. Full of laughter and fun. Then there was the wedding of Peter and Debbie at the Brasserie at Marks tey, a great barn venue with flying owls if a little cold on the day. A great day was had by all. The old rectory at Dunton for the wedding of David and Natalie, the beautiful sunny day almost reminiscent of the weather of 2014.

The wedding Business

So the business of wedding photography moves on, another six weddings to be photographed before the end of December. 2016 is a new year and a new season, which is already proving to be busier than 2015 with over 40 bookings for next year and bookings flying in for 2017 as well. I believe 2016 is going to be the best year ever, let’s just hope the weather is just as good and not your typical British summer.

Recent weddings

crondon park wedding

crondon park wedding

Crondon Park, a wedding venue I hadn’t been to in a long time. 17th-century baronial hall set in the lush green Essex countryside, Golf course, and a real little gem of a wedding venue.

The Wedding of Joe and Jodie was going to be a really buzzy wedding, joe the joker and full of laughter and up for a really good time, Jodie a little more reserved and very ladylike.

With Joe and Jodie’s wedding due to start at 3 pm, plenty of time to get on with the pre-bridal shots at the Greenwoods Hotel and spa, literally a minute’s drive from crondon park it’s self. A wedding venue in its own right. An original Georgian style country house with original features and a tastefully decorated Edwardian bridal suite.

As is the case with any wedding the weather makes a big difference, today the 12th June was proving to be very, very hot so far, by 12 pm the car thermometer was saying 24 degrees and by the time I had finished all the bridal prep shots, the thermometer was saying 27 degrees, baking! And the wedding hadn’t even started yet. In order to overpower the bright sunlight and harsh shadows, the direct on-camera flash would be needed to overpower the sun, not an ideal situation as I would have preferred off-camera flash for better tonality, The groom, joe turns up twenty minutes before the bride was due to arrive so it was a quick rush to get the groom and best men shots with the rings.

The wedding as with all venue style weddings was quick and simple all done in less than twenty minutes. Outside in the blazing heat, and I mean heat it was oh so very hot. With all the group shots and couples, individual shots to come, it was only going to get hotter. The highlight of the group shots had to be all the ushers and groomsmen with their hip flasks, looking almost like a military review of soldiers about to present arms to the queen, Hip flasks instead… Whiskey, I hope so. Nothing like a bit of Dutch courage.

From a photographer’s point of view, Crondon Park has a beautiful backdrop into the distance approach road, pond with water lilies and water reflection for those romantic couple shots. Enclosed laid to lawn courtyard with water features and all within a minute’s walk of the grand baronial hall. My only criticism of Crondon Park, no air conditioning, but with the typical British summer does it really matter…..

Crondon Park Wedding