Terry & Neil, civil partnership

Terry & Neil, civil partnership

When it comes to a same-sex wedding, there cannot be anything as much fun as a gay wedding. The civil partnership was going to be one of those days I shall never forget, not because it was a same-sex partnership, done loads of gay weddings before, it was the guy’s themselves, a great laugh, and really knew how to get the most out of life.

Neil, six-foot-something and built like a brick….., well you can guess the rest, the sort of guy you would cross the road to avoid, but appearances can be deceptive, Terry the more sensitive of the two, and not afraid to show it, charming guys with a great sense of humour, love to laugh and not afraid to show their feelings for one another.

April can be a fun time weather-wise, just out of winter yet, just getting into spring, it’s that limbo time when it can either be freezing wet and cold or like last year, feel like the middle of a summer heatwave. April 11th, 2015 was proving to be wet and cold in the morning, hot in the afternoon.

for the Mr and Mr prep, onto Bromley civic centre for the ceremony. The registry office its self is quite ugly, too modern. What makes the civic centre special is Bromley palace, literally within a minute’s walk from the registry office, built in the Victorian era, with a classical Georgian look, lovely grounds and lake, a wedding photographers dream, amongst the modern sprawl of modern 70’s looking drab architecture.

A lot of jokes to break the ice, group shots done in the heavy direct sunlight, it’s times like these that a photographer discovers the limitations of Speedlights and when dedicated powerful standalone lighting is required. Speedlight maxed out and on with the couple shots around the grounds of the palace. Then back to the Holiday Inn for speeches and 1st dance.

An Excellent partnership of two great guys, Terry and Neil, civil partnership.