summer weddings 2015

With the madness of the last couple of months. The chance to knuckle down and write blog posts has all but disappeared. Summer weddings have been back to back, literally five weddings in a row, a break, then it all starts again, two here then another three. Recession, what recession not in the wedding photography industry, i’ve never been so busy. To top it off the phone and email inquiries have gone through the roof, ” can you do my wedding next Saturday”. I wish I could, if only next weeks wedding hadn’t booked me last year! The last couple of years have proved to be very busy, the wedding industry is no longer confined to the old boring church wedding, a musty old church with a vicar that’s a hundred years old then reception in an old workings Mens club or the local village hall. Yes, church weddings are as popular as ever, but now the Church is making the effort to accommodate the 21st century couple and bring the old Victorian values of yesteryear to the present day. Occasionally I will get a church that says a flat outright no to photographing a couples wedding, but that’s a rarity now days and for some reason seems to be confined to churches in the Colchester area, must be the air.

Dedicated wedding venues on the other hand, are a delight to work in, all in one place, nice and airy, manicured grounds and safe for the children, this will be the future of weddings. No stuffy stupid rules.



So it all begins again five weddings in the last five days, two days off and then another five days of straight weddings Warley Park, twice this week. La toll booth, Packfords hotel, Reid rooms, with the odd one being the London Hilton, at least business is consistent.