St Luke’s church Orpington Kent

A traditional wedding service with top hat and tails set in a beautiful church in Orpington Kent. A lovely bright blue day with puffy clouds and warm , started with bridal pre wed shots at Pembe’s house.

Arriving at the church, St lukes in Orpington , shots of guests arriving, best man and groom and all family shots, as the sun was in front of entrance of church it gave a nice rim light to the back of guests and with fill flash lots of nice shots. groom and best man shots with rings outside church, by this time the puffy white clouds had evaporated into blue skies and blazing overhead sunshine , managed to move people into shaded archway in the church , fill flash to fill out the shadows. The main problem was going to be pembe’s arrival as there was no shadow cover and I knew the sun would be intense. As pembe arrived I managed to get bounce flash off the ceiling of the car and as luck would have it a magical cloud appeared out of no where giving me the chance to get her outside car and church entrance shots but just in case I had settings ready for high speed sync on the flash. The actual service was restricted to me getting shots from the sidelines , 70mm of the 24-70 just about made it and I was worried there would be images quality deprivation at that zoom length ,tried to keep ISO below 1000 and shutter to 1/60-1/80 sec and F4 , meter was showing 1 stop over exposure , this could be easily corrected in light room and just in case had my 70-200 and another d700 ready if I need to fill the frame. All in all excellent shots with only a little noise reduction needed in light room 5.Service done , processional , lots of natural window light so just a little fill at minimal power. There was no outside space to take the formal group shots so we went to priory gardens just off Orpington town centre. The plan was to do several posed shots that pembe had selected out of a magazine , time was now against us with only 45 minutes till the wedding breakfast , we managed to get several Nikon cls off camera shots with the best man holding a Nikon sb910 45 degrees to the couple and TTL metering with negative and positive flash compensation depending on where the sun was at the time but no time to set up a dedicated two flash system but hey that’s weddings , never enough time.

From a couples point of view of a perfect wedding that day was it , lovely and sunny no wind , warm and no cock ups , from my point of view as the photographer no real problems , yes the powerful mid day sun can cause problems but experience and knowledge can over come that ( sunny 16 rule and hss ) , just wish we had more time for the directed shots…..till next time.