Any experienced wedding photographer will tell you that speed and image quality are the name of the game. With most weddings, nothing ever stops even for a moment, well almost. Maybe the group shots and even they have to be taken pretty fast in order to avoid people getting bored. I really don’t have time to think, literally I know what my image settings will be without thinking about it. I can look at the light, where is the direction of light. Is there any good light at all or is it a bland grey day and I know what manual info I have to feed into my DSLR without thinking about it because with wedding photography it really is all about speed. Aperture, shutter speed, ISO, lens setting, what lens, what lens settings, angle of light, background. All these settings have to be thought up more or less instantaneously. If the light is bad and I have to add my own light I want equipment that I know is going to be easy and convenient to use and do the job properly. A lightbox or a Rogue flash bender or even bare light the set up has to be simple. Mag Mod 2 is the answer.

A relatively new product in the photography market. The Mag Mod 2. Any photographer that has ever used coloured gels on their flash to balance the light, whilst bouncing the flash off a wall or ceiling behind you in a room with ugly incandescent lighting, fluorescent lighting or sodium lamps or even sodium lighting mixed with natural ambient light such as a church can cause an uneven colour cast and the best way to correct for this is to balance one’s flash to the colour temperature of the room. In the past, I have used CTO and CTS colour correction gels taped over the head of my flash to get the desired results, the problem with this setup is when moving from a room with incandescent light to natural ambient light you have to quickly remove the gel so the flash is firing at daylight ( manual 5000k)  settings then when moving back to incandescent re-apply the gel, which is a major pain especially if the gel is held over the flash head with rubber bands or velcro, Hence the Mag Mod 2. Quick and easy to apply. The main rubber silicone holder attaches around the flash head and the gels are mounted in a rubber ring that attaches to the mount by magnets. Now there’s plenty of product reviews on Mag Mod 2 on the internet so I won’t go into what you get for your hard-earned pounds but suffice to say it’s an extremely convenient product if you ever wanted to apply gels to your flash head in a very quick manner.

In researching better alternatives to rubber bands and velcro I found it almost impossible to find a stockist of the Mag Mod 2 in the UK, even Amazon UK don’t stock this product and could only find one online retailer in the UK selling this product

So all you wedding photographers out there take note of a great product that makes our working lives just that little bit easier.