Leez priory wedding

Leez priory wedding venue. Normally I wouldn’t blog on a wedding venue that I had previously covered in the same year, let alone just a few weeks apart. The wedding of Matt and Kate was one of those weddings that I could chat about all day. It’s not the venue that makes the wedding, yes, it does help if the surroundings and the backgrounds are picturesque, but that’s not the be-all or end-all of a wedding. I’ve filmed weddings in some really awful places, football clubs, falling down working Men’s clubs and from a wedding photographer’s point of view, I sometimes cringe at the unsightly backgrounds which I can’t avoid, yes, I can change position, I can move the couple around into better positions to avoid a pipe sticking out of their heads or an ugly brick wall. Even with the right lens, I can create a bokeh that will blur the background out. It’s the couple getting married and the atmosphere they create that makes a wedding, not the venue.

Matt and Kate where a laugh and didn’t stop laughing all day long, that sets everyone else up for the day. If the couple is happy and enjoying themselves, everyone else will as well, even better when the groom can laugh at himself when his best man is embarrassing him with stories of his teenage antics. Even better when the bride joins in as well.

There are lots of wedding venues in Essex and you can’t go far wrong with less Priory, staff is helpful and wonderful, grounds are stunning, with a summer wedding you can even have your first dance on the lawns, while friends and guests drink champagne and toast your wedding day and a firework display to finish it all off.

Leez priory wedding, Matt and Kate