wedding right on my doorstep, can’t get much better than that and what a great little venue. The last couple of months have been manic, weddings back to back, I’ve never been so busy, August five weddings in the first week of the month with twenty for the whole of August and thirteen in September. Getting married has made a return and is as popular as ever. With more and more venue’s to choose from and the church’s relaxing their stiff Victorian rules, the choices are better than they have ever been. Not only wedding venue’s that are becoming so popular nowadays, but couples are also asking for more than just a few stiffly posed photo’s, they want to see fun and laughter in their wedding images. Natural is the name of the game nowadays with maybe a few posed funny shots to make that a little different.

The wedding of Adam and Rachael. A lovely couple very laid back and so easy to get on with, in fact, if Adam were any more laid back he would be falling over by now. Joking aside a lovely wedding on a beautiful summers day, albeit a little humid, is better than rain as of late.

Beautiful Georgian Manor country house with all original features. The immaculate grounds, the scenic pond, what more can you ask for from a wedding venue. A good wedding venue does not make an excellent wedding, lovely bubbly Bride and groom, fun-loving guests and good photography by which to remember the day. Throw in a little off-camera flash, few funny signs, the red umbrella and lots of Humour.