Mulberry House Ongar

Mulberry House Ongar

Mulberry House wedding Ongar.

A lovely place for a wedding set in beautiful lush grounds on the Chelmsford road with easy links to the M11 and M25

The wedding of Jordan and wendy in late 2019. A truly beautiful wedding. And a very wonderful couple.

As wedding venues go, Mulberry house Ongar is a lovely little wedding venue. The house itself a late Georgian Squires house has everything you could want from a wedding venue. As you walk in, a big reception room styled in the feel of a grand country manor house. The original high sash windows permeating lovely natural light. The wedding suite and its sunken bath, decorated in Victorian style overlooking the grandiose gardens.

Everything flows at Mulberry’s house. A dedicated ceremony room more than large enough to hold one hundred plus guests. Which also doubles as a turnaround room for the smaller wedding reception. The kiss the rings, signing of the register. Shots with family and friends. Then it’s outside onto the gravel courtyard for pics in front of the house. Onto the extensive lawns for canapes and drinks then the big group shot on the lawn overlooking the pond.

Mulberry house grounds

The grounds are what really make mulberry house a wedding venue. Twenty-two acres of manicured lawns and the pond. With its bridge is a superb place to get that just married romantic shot. Reflection in the water with Mulberry house in the background. The photographer trying to avoid getting attacked by the resident swans on the banks of the pond.

Wedding guests drinking and chatting in the gardens. Bride and groom soaking up the sun and lovely ambient light shining through the trees. whilst enjoying a glass of bubbly or two.

The good thing about the venue is that even if it’s raining there’s plenty of space in the house itself to get smaller group shots and when there is a gap in the rain onto the gravel driveway for shots in front of the house.

Wedding Breakfast

A very large permanent Marquee for the wedding breakfast with its own bar. Attentive and friendly staff. With the 23 furnished bedrooms right next to the  Marquee. Guests can literally fall into their rooms after a hard night of dancing and partying.

Then as the sun is going down on a warm balmy evening, a romantic sunset shot of the couple in a loveling embrace with the sun shining through the trees in the background.

From a wedding photographer’s point of view, this venue has it all. The wedding suite is perfect for natural light shots and the grounds are extensive and make perfect backdrops. The pond is great for reflections in the water and the way the sun sets in the evening makes for stunning sunset shots. My only criticism is the tea rooms are open to the public so when there’s a wedding going on the public has free use of the building.






Horsley Towers

Horsley Towers

The epitome of a victorian gothic, Horsley towers wedding venue is a uniqueness all to itself. Originally designed in the eighteen twenties by Charles Barry the one and the same architect who designed the house’s of parliament and also Highclere, as we all know as Downton abbey. The similarities can be seen in the design of East Horsley towers. Subsequently owned by the Lovelace family.

For the wedding of Danny and Rebecca in November of this year what a wonderful venue

Horsley towers wedding venue displays that thinking of a victorian gothic folly. Not quite medieval, then again not quite Victorian. A mish-mash of the two. The main tower with its cylindrical towers in liking with a castle keeps giving that look of a walled castle. But as a wedding venue.

Horsley Towers is so different from every other venue out there that it makes sense to be different. As a Wedding venue, Horsley towers has everything and more for a perfect wedding. The lake with its towering reflection, the massive manicured lawns which are just superb, the gilded Banqueting hall with is coats of arms all around the hall. But the secret chapel is every wedding photographer’s dream. With its blue and white tiling, the vaulted ceiling and dark atmosphere could almost be from a film studio set.

With the ceremony taking place at St James’s church at Hampton hill, although a lovely Victorian church, almost no room for group shots, with just a small courtyard area for the confetti shot, It’s off to De veres east Horsley for the reception.

With most weddings of this quality you would expect a wedding car as part of the day, wedding car yes, £180.000 McLaren, well what can I say definitely a head-turner. Although a beautiful sunny day it was bitterly cold and by the time we had finished all the group shots it was time for Danny and Rebecca’s shots around the grounds, of course, the McLaren had to take center stage. Lit with off-camera flash, Elinchrom Elb 400 and gridded softbox, and my fav lens the Sigma 35mm 1.4 ART for the very best in sharpness. The best shots of the day were definitely in the secret chapel

. Although very cold, it was worth it to get superb images of this venue included on their wedding day.

Horsley Towers wedding

Alex & Jenny Crabbs Barn Wedding

Alex & Jenny Crabbs Barn Wedding

Crabbs Barn

Alex & Jenny Crabbs Barn wedding. April showers. I think not this year, more like the middle of summer. As we all know the weather in the UK can be a bit weird, to say the least. Lovely warm almost summerish days in April and next pouring in early May and as we move into the Britsh summer hopefully blistering hot days. From a couple’s point of view, this is what they want although not too hot!. But not so much from the photographer’s standpoint. We want slightly overcast puffy white clouds and a little bit of shade, on a perfect wedding day the sky will be overcast with no chance of ugly shadows appearing in people’s faces, in the eye sockets, panda eyes so to speak or dappled shadows from the leaves of trees overhead. Lots of manual flash in high-speed sync to create those lovely warm out of focus background shots or the sunny 16 rule for lots of depth of field. This also gave me a chance to try out my latest lens. The Sigma 35mm1.4 ART, a truly stunning lens with a sharpness unparalleled and normally third party lens’s aren’t as good as the main manufacturers so this one is exceptional in image quality and just as good as the Nikon equivalent. The wedding of Alex & Jenny at Crabbs barn was going to be just such a beautiful warm day at the end of April.

Dedicated wedding venues all have their best spots for those unique and intimate shots and Crabbs barn is no exception. The walk from the cottage to the Rustic Tudor looking barn, The lover’s kiss of just married over the field gate to the stone-tiled dance floor and with brilliant staff to attend to all your needs. Crabbs barn has all the features of a lovely private wedding venue. And to top it all off a beautiful shot of the couple in a stunning sunset setting at the end of the evening.

Jenny the stunning Bride and the Groom Alex looked pretty good as well. A wonderful wedding with lots of laughter and fun had by all.  And with a little photoshop trickery even Thomas the cat came to the wedding.

Alex & Jenny Crabbs Barn wedding

constable country wedding

constable country wedding

constable country wedding

Constable country wedding, The beauty of the Essex countryside Immortalised in the paintings of the vale of Dedham by John Constable with stoke by Nayland just being down the road from constable’s famous romantic paintings of the area. For the Wedding of Aden & lucy at the Stoke by Nayland golf club. This was going to be just as memorable as any famous painting.

The day was beautifully warm if quite cloudy. From a photographer’s point of view probably perfect weather, no harsh sunlight and ugly shadows to deal with and for the Bride no sweating to death in the hot midday sun. Thank god for air conditioning. With most weddings, they tend to follow a set standard of dress and format that can be very predictable. Not so with Aden and Lucy, RED was the order of the day. groom and ushers in red jackets and trousers, Bride in a tight-fitting cream dress which really accentuated her figure, with wait for it ….. red shoes.

I tend to find that most golf club wedding venues tend to be very plain and clinical in their layout and attractiveness. That is not to say that the couple who are getting married may find the venue uninviting but from a photographer’s point of view plain white walls, background clutter, boring putting greens which are just that a plain color green. So when we had a chance to get some shots in over one of the best-landscaped lakes I had seen in a while, knew the images would be spectacular. By the time we got around to getting the shots done time was against us. With less than 20 minutes till the sit-down meal.  A mad rush in the golf cart buggies to the lake and then as an added bonus to a cornfield for some truly memorable images of constable country. On camera, flash to make things easier and to speed up the image taking Then all of a sudden within five minutes the clouds had broken to reveal the most beautiful golden hour sunset. I saw the landscape and thought no this has to be done with off-camera flash, no flash stand, left it in the clubhouse, luckily our venue manager stood in for a stand and held a Nikon sb-910 and trigger in the positions i wanted to get the best light on the couple, better than any stand, a human stand.

Last shots of the evening dance and top it off a sparklers guard of Honour for a constable country wedding.


Romany Gypsy Wedding

Romany Gypsy Wedding

Romany Gypsy wedding

Romany Gypsy wedding. How many of us have watched the fly on the wall Gypsy wedding documentaries on tv. The big fat dresses and the opulence of a Gypsy wedding. A big stereotype about the Gypsy way of life is that it’s flashy, attention grabbing and revealing in more ways than one!. In the real world every couple wants the best wedding in the world. The wedding of Lewis and Whitney in Christchurch in Gravesend, Kent was the perfect day, the weather was superb, Whitney the bride looked absolutely stunning in a traditional white dress, none of the stereotypical wedding dresses as seen on Tv.

With the start of any wedding day, it’s always the hustle and bustle of getting ready, time is flying, the champagne and the Prosecco is out. The excitement of the wedding service ever approaching, tick tock the clock is counting down. Pre wedding shots in the garden with family and friends and the day is set.

The wedding

A major annoyance I find with church weddings is the stupid rules that clergy impose upon us the photographers, now if it was a set rule across the board, no photography, photography only at the back of the church, stand in one corner, then I could understand and abide by those rules. But it isn’t, the rules go from one extreme to another, one church will say “yes, do what you like” to another saying “no photography at all”. Roman Catholic, Church of England, it doesn’t matter. I understand the sanctity of the service, but come on, why are all church’s so different in their approach to photographers. At the end of the day its the Bride and groom that loses out, not the church. So all you couples out there looking to get married in a traditional church service and want lots of images of the service, make sure photography is ok in the church.Suffice to say the shots of Whitney being accompanied by her grandfather down the aisle was enough to move anyone to tears and she really did look very resplendent in her lovely wedding dress.

Then it’s off to the Hilton Dartford for the wedding breakfast

Romany Gypsy Wedding

Lobster shack wedding

Lobster shack wedding

Lobster shack wedding

With the 2015 wedding season now in full swing. The lovely weather of the last few weeks, 2015 is looking to be a repeat of 2014. Lobster shack wedding, what a quirky little venue this place turned out to be. A wedding venue, but not a wedding venue so to speak. The lobster shack situated within the Whitstable Harbour area, on the Kent estuary of the river Thames, right on the beach, a summer wedding venue if ever there was one.

When Chris and Babs hired me to photograph their wedding in June of 2015. I never in my wildest dreams thought I would be covering a venue such as this. Even the name “Lobster shack” tells you it’s going to be something different. No grandiose statement  here, simple is as simple does, wooden creaky floors, plain wooden tables and chairs with simple coverings and to be honest, it works, the lobster shack really does have a charm of its own.

The weather was superb, hot, some cloud cover, no wind. A lot of wedding venues as I have said before tend to over complicate the day for a couple, times are laid military style and too often than not it feels like their herding cattle to the next event. Not so the lobster shack so relaxed and laid back, no pressure, take the day as it comes. Being a fish and chip restaurant come wedding venue, the wedding breakfast consisted of.. Guess… Fish and chips and excellent fish and chips they were too.

On the beach for some images of Chris & Babs. From a technical point of view, the clouds had been burnt off by the now blazing sun, so harsh sunlight was the order of the day. Perfect for a wedding from a weddings point of view, not so much from a photographers point of view, lots of shadows and no cover from the sun. Direct full on manual flash half to full power and anyone who understands the sunny 16 rule will understand what i mean. Did get the chance to do some spikey sun shots and later in the evening as the sun was going down, off camera flash of the couple against the horizon.

A beautiful day for a beautiful couple, Chris and Babs

Lobster shack wedding