Hutton Hall wedding

New wedding venue

A recent new wedding venue for the Weddings industry. Hutton Hall wedding venue has everything a couple could want or their wedding at an exclusive wedding venue. Recently refurbished to a very high standard, this wedding venue offers superb value for money that other wedding venues in the area are charging almost double for.

To myself, as a professional wedding photographer, the backgrounds and atmosphere of any wedding venue are everything and can be what makes or breaks a descent wedding image.

Located just outside of Brentwood in Essex in the village of Hutton, easily accessible form the m25 and A12. Hutton Hall is a beautifully restored Grade 2 Georgian manor house

The Sweeping driveway to manicured lawns, the grand hall with its original stone floor, and roaring Jacobean fireplace, the grand oak staircase. The piano room and library, their original high Georgian ceiling, and sash windows allowing lots of natural light to permeate the rooms with warmth from the log fireplace, on a cold winters wedding evening.

Bridal suite

Oh, what a room! Large totally white, masses of room, no clutter to get in the way or trip over, lots of natural light from the tall windows. No need for flash in here, just lovely warm natural light. A photographer dream of perfect light.

Blue Room

The blue room lovingly restored to its former glory with its blue paneled walls and Georgian windows allowing soft light to flood the room. Large enough to hold at least a hundred guests for your wedding and also doubles as the room for the first dance.

A Scottish wedding

The Wedding of Paul and Sam Easton. A late December wedding. All Scottish in all its glory right down to the Au natural of the under the kilt and the real Scottish accents, which I couldn’t understand. Even the dog had a kilt.

Although the lawns were unusable due to the weather, there were loads of photo opportunities within the grounds of Hutton hall, group shots and sparkler confetti styled shot at the front of the house, no problem with damp grass and sinking high heels. The red brick wall of the House and roses garden for the more intimate shots.

Back to the Blue room for the 1st dance and let the party commence.

Hutton Hall wedding venue really does have it all and really is the epitome of a luxury wedding venue. Represents outstanding value for money.

Mulberry House Ongar

Mulberry House Ongar

Mulberry House wedding Ongar.

A lovely place for a wedding set in beautiful lush grounds on the Chelmsford road with easy links to the M11 and M25

The wedding of Jordan and wendy in late 2019. A truly beautiful wedding. And a very wonderful couple.

As wedding venues go, Mulberry house Ongar is a lovely little wedding venue. The house itself a late Georgian Squires house has everything you could want from a wedding venue. As you walk in, a big reception room styled in the feel of a grand country manor house. The original high sash windows permeating lovely natural light. The wedding suite and its sunken bath, decorated in Victorian style overlooking the grandiose gardens.

Everything flows at Mulberry’s house. A dedicated ceremony room more than large enough to hold one hundred plus guests. Which also doubles as a turnaround room for the smaller wedding reception. The kiss the rings, signing of the register. Shots with family and friends. Then it’s outside onto the gravel courtyard for pics in front of the house. Onto the extensive lawns for canapes and drinks then the big group shot on the lawn overlooking the pond.

Mulberry house grounds

The grounds are what really make mulberry house a wedding venue. Twenty-two acres of manicured lawns and the pond. With its bridge is a superb place to get that just married romantic shot. Reflection in the water with Mulberry house in the background. The photographer trying to avoid getting attacked by the resident swans on the banks of the pond.

Wedding guests drinking and chatting in the gardens. Bride and groom soaking up the sun and lovely ambient light shining through the trees. whilst enjoying a glass of bubbly or two.

The good thing about the venue is that even if it’s raining there’s plenty of space in the house itself to get smaller group shots and when there is a gap in the rain onto the gravel driveway for shots in front of the house.

Wedding Breakfast

A very large permanent Marquee for the wedding breakfast with its own bar. Attentive and friendly staff. With the 23 furnished bedrooms right next to the  Marquee. Guests can literally fall into their rooms after a hard night of dancing and partying.

Then as the sun is going down on a warm balmy evening, a romantic sunset shot of the couple in a loveling embrace with the sun shining through the trees in the background.

From a wedding photographer’s point of view, this venue has it all. The wedding suite is perfect for natural light shots and the grounds are extensive and make perfect backdrops. The pond is great for reflections in the water and the way the sun sets in the evening makes for stunning sunset shots. My only criticism is the tea rooms are open to the public so when there’s a wedding going on the public has free use of the building.






Wedding at Ingatestone Hall

Wedding at Ingatestone Hall


Wedding at Ingatestone Hall

This has to be a prime 1st class venue. Wedding at Ingatestone Hall.

A Grade one listed Tudor country house with extensive manicured grounds this really is the most exquisite wedding venue in Essex

The oak-panelled stone hall with its original stone flooring and oak panelled walls give a Georgian feel to the  atmosphere

The long gallery with portraits of the Petre family and containing displays of memorabilia accumulated over the centuries.

So if you’re looking for a wedding venue that’s is in the same class as a venue such as Leez Priory or Hedingham castle then this is the place to hold your wedding.

The Grounds

A wedding photographer’s dream.

The long sweeping driveway leading to the clock tower finely manicured lawns and that’s just the front of the house. Through the house and into 10 acres os superb landscaping. The stew pond and its walk of ancient Lime trees and the former swimming pool now a lovely little duck pond and with Ingatestone hall in the background a beautiful backdrop for romantic images of a wedding with reflection in the water.

The Wedding

For the wedding of Ryan and Laura in June 2019, this was going to be a truly stunning wedding.

The Weather was looking like it was going to be a typical English wedding, rain, threatening on the horizon, luckily turned out to be warm and cloudy, Perfect conditions from my point of view as the wedding photographer. Not too hot and ugly direct sunshine in people’s faces causing the shadow.

With bridal prep in a rather lovely cottage right next to the main hall and with Laura’s father being the head Gardner, the grounds where manicured beyond perfection.

As with all weddings, introductory music is the norm, slightly different when the groom sings his own recording of songbird for the bride’s grand entrance and what a masterpiece it was, little did I know that he appeared on the voice and what a beautiful voice he had too.

With the wedding in the library with its lovely natural light, oak panelling and high ceiling this was the perfect place for a small intimate wedding.

Wedding photographers dream

Outside for canape’s and group shots then off to the rather large ornamental lake. The stew pond and walk of lime trees for reflections in the water, beautiful intimate shots around the pond.

By this time the weather had changed, and the sun was out in all its glory, no more shaded clouds to hide behind. Time to set up off-camera flash in high sync and to shoot wide and fast and if you’re a photographer you’ll know what the means. Dramatic clouds coupled with very fast apertures.

Speeches, not the standard boring cliched words dragged off the internet but some real heart to heart words from Ryan’s brother, the flamboyant one.

I loved this couple they were up for taking pictures and to be honest both natural, no directing with these two, just natural-looking poses. Laura really knew what I was going to ask of her before I asked it.

By the time of the evening guests arriving the weather was starting to turn and then the heavens opened up with pouring rain, albeit warm rain. Can’t be all that bad

For a wedding at Ingatestone Hall, you really can’t go wrong it really is one of the finest wedding venues in all of Essex.

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Successful Wedding Fireworks

4 Rules for Successful Wedding Fireworks

Are you looking for a way to surprise your wedding guests?
Adding a wedding fireworks display can be a wonderful way to create a magical
moment for everyone at your wedding to enjoy.
Organizing your wedding fireworks is simple, as long as you keep the following
four planning rules in mind!

Set a Budget for Your Fireworks Display

Fireworks won’t have to blow a hole to your wedding budget by any means. You
can organize a fantastic display for £500-£900 and buy individual fireworks for a
lot less. Of course, if you want to spend more, you can do so. Fireworks suit all
sorts of wedding budgets!
Just ensure you consider how much you want to spend before you start shopping
for fireworks. Having a clear budget will help you find quality products and
create the kind of display you want.

Pick Your Style and Timing Carefully

The great thing about wedding fireworks is how many options you have in terms
of using them. You could opt for a fireworks display to take place at the end of
the night or right before the first dance. Alternatively, you can also opt for
individual pyro-effects to use during moments like the cake cutting. Sparklers
and other indoor fireworks are a great addition to the wedding reception.
Fireworks bring the wow-effect and therefore, they work well right before big
events on the night. At the same time, you also have to be careful not to overuse
them. This is why you should pick a specific slot on the wedding schedule and to
only use fireworks in one specific way, such as choosing either having a display
or just opting for individual pyro effects. Planning for fireworks like this will
guarantee you find the best fireworks to use to ensure there’s no clashing with
other entertainment.

Be Creative

As fireworks can be used in many different ways, a big part of the fun is being
creative with how you use them. Fireworks could be used together with music –
combining a fireworks display with music will add a lot of magic to your big
display. You could use songs that have been meaningful for you as a couple as the
soundtrack to the show, for example.

Another outside-the-box idea is to combine fireworks with your wedding photos.
The bright colours of fireworks add a lot of wonder to the photos. Not only do
you get to enjoy the beautiful display on your wedding day but also reminiscence
with great photos of the moment afterward!
If you’re worried about the noise impact of fireworks, you also have the
creativity of firework developers on your side. There are plenty of low noise
fireworks available, which are a great way to enjoy the effects without the loud
Fireworks like smoke bombs also make very little noise and can be a great
addition to your wedding photos.

Put Safety First

It goes without saying that wedding fireworks require careful use. After all, you
are dealing with explosives! If you’re not an experienced user of fireworks, it’s
always a good idea to book a professional fireworks display company to perform
the display at your wedding. If you do want to use fireworks on your own, ask for
tips on staying safe from professional fireworks retailers.
It’s important to remember that you can’t use fireworks without getting
permission from the wedding venue, so clear it with them first. Some venues will
insist on a professional team for the display. The good thing about professional
groups is they’ll take care of everything for you from being insured to dealing
with the venue directly on your behalf.
Fireworks at your wedding can provide you with that special magical element on
an already magnificent day. They are versatile and fun – old and young alike
often love a good fireworks display.
Follow these four rules and you’re going to end up with a wonderful display to
celebrate a special occasion!

Engagement Photo Shoot In Essex

Richard Kinsley Photography – Engagement Photo Shoot In Essex

After the worry and stress about whether your partner will say yes or no, you will then be wanting to
shout about it to everyone that you can. To celebrate this amazing occasion and to create lasting
memories for everyone to see, an engagement photo shoot in Essex from Richard Kinsley
Photography could be ideal.
Whether you have only just asked your loved one to spend their life with you or you are looking to
be daring and try to combine asking the question and taking photographs, Richard Kinsley can be
there to provide you with all the help and support that you require. An engagement photo shoot in
Essex will start your lifelong album together as life partners.
Why choose an engagement photo shoot in Essex?
At Richard Kinsley Photography you will be put in touch with an experienced and passionate
photographer that can provide you with tips and advice on how to get the best out of the photo
shoot. This enjoyable and fun session will bring out the excitement and anticipation of your wedding
day and produce memorable photographs to frame, send to family members and start the journey
from engagement through to wedding photos perfectly.
You can discuss these options with Richard Kinsley who can provide you with both engagement
photo shoots, pre-wedding photography and wedding day photography depending on your needs.
To get started and to move closer to beautiful and warming photographs of this special moment in
both of your lives, get in contact with Richard Kinsley today.