Crabbs Barn

Alex & Jenny. April showers. I think not this year, more like the middle of summer. As we all know the weather in the UK can be a bit weird, to say the least. Lovely warm almost summerish days in April and next pouring in early May and as we move into the British summer hopefully blistering hot days. From a couple’s point of view, this is what they want although not too hot!. But not so much from the photographer’s standpoint. We want slightly overcast puffy white clouds and a little bit of shade, on a perfect wedding day the sky will be overcast with no chance of ugly shadows appearing in people’s faces, in the eye sockets, panda eyes so to speak or dappled shadows from the leaves of trees overhead. Lots of manual flash in high-speed sync to create those lovely warm out of focus background shots or the sunny 16 rule for lots of depth of field. This also gave me a chance to try out my latest lens. The Sigma 35mm1.4 ART, a truly stunning lens with a sharpness unparalleled and normally third party lenses aren’t as good as the main manufacturers so this one is exceptional in image quality and just as good as the Nikon equivalent. The wedding of Alex & Jenny at Crabbs barn was going to be just such a beautiful warm day at the end of April.

Dedicated wedding venues all have their best spots for those unique and intimate shots and Crabbs barn is no exception. The walk from the cottage to the Rustic Tudor looking barn, The lover’s kiss of just married over the field gate to the stone-tiled dance floor and with brilliant staff to attend to all your needs. Crabbs barn has all the features of a lovely private wedding venue. And to top it all off a beautiful shot of the couple in a stunning sunset setting at the end of the evening.

Jenny the stunning Bride and the Groom Alex looked pretty good as well. A wonderful wedding with lots of laughter and fun had by all.  And with a little photoshop trickery even Thomas the cat came to the wedding.